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500 Point Package : $30.00 USD
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Chaotic item set : $20.00 USD
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Deathwish RSPS | Webstore

Welcome to the Deathwish Store!

Here you can purchase your Member packages/Point Packages As An Service Which Helps The Player But Also The Server Out!

All membership packages also come with points hit the [I] button to see what the benefits are of each type of membership!

You can simply add items to your cart and when your done click on it enter your ingame username and proceed to checkout!

After purchase simply type ::redeem in game to recieve your purchase!

All Money That Comes In Is Spend On Improvements/Advertisements!
If you browse through the forums u'll see that on a time that alot of cash comes in i post all my paypal payment transactions to show ny innocence.

Feel free to add me on:

Kik: Nantorious

Facebook: http://deathwishx.com/fb for public facebook

For my private : http://facebook.com/nantorious i might be slow on fb sometimes

Skype: th3_0mfg0rz
If you face any issues purchasing member rank or points please post a topic here:
Or You Can Contact Me Trough Any Of The Options Above, When Im not Online I will more likely instantly help you solve your issue from my phone.
Other payment options:


If you'd like to donate with a paysafe card send me the 16 digit code on the forums in a private message, after i've read your message i will verify the paysafecard and add the transaction instantly: Max delay: 6-7 hours

Skrills :

If you'd like to pay with a skrills account: Send the money to nantoriousb@gmail.com, please also state your ingame name and which services you're paying for. You can also do this by sending the money and send me the details in a forum pm/whatsapp/kik/facebook message

If you want to donate with rs gold please contact me privately since prices are jumping around like crazy take the amount of gold u got to food4rs.com -5-10% = price you get..
Refund Policy:

Since all purchases are delivered instantly after payment verification and we have no way to control what players do with the items purchased, DeathwishRSPS does not offer refunds. This is simply due to the nature of intangible goods and is a term agreed by the customer before purchase.

In the event that items are not delivered due to a technical failure with our payment processor or delivery system and the customer does not receive their purchase within 72 hours, a customer may request a consideration of refund. In this event, we advise customers to reach out to us via our numerous methods of contact either via the support to remedy the situation which can be found here: .

All sales through the DeathwishRSPS shop are final. No refunds will be given by DeathwishRSPS, rsps-pay, or third party payments providers. Other than a limited, revocable, transferable use of virtual goods purchased or obtained in the game, you have no right in or title to such virtual goods. In the event that your account is terminated or suspended for any reason, in the administration's sole and absolute discretion, or if DeathwishRSPS discontinues its Services or games, you forfeit any and all shop credits and virtual goods accumulated including purchases. We have the absolute right to manage, regulate, control, modify, and/or eliminate Points and/or Virtual Goods as it sees fit in its sole discretion, and DeathwishRSPS shall have no liability to you or anyone for the exercise of such rights.

Additionally, any attempts to circumvent this contractual agreement including but not limited to initiating reversal of funds from your bank or financial institution constitutes a direct breach of the terms of sale and forfeits all rights that protect you as a customer. This is fraudulent activity and will be followed up with not only elimination of all items purchased but also deletion of all accounts associated with your IP address and contact information. Fraudulent chargebacks will be followed up with legal action and forwarding of all customer information to a third party collections agency. In the event that funds are fraudulently reversed after a payment has been delivered, as specified in the terms of sale that the customer enters into upon purchase, a penalty of $50.00 USD will be incurred every 7 business days for a period no longer than 180 days until the negative balance is remedied.

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